Apprenticeships in the oil and gas industry



Now is the time of year where school-leavers are considering options for the future. Apprenticeship opportunities in the Programmed NETTS (National Energy Technician Training Scheme) are open for offers.

NETTS is a collaborative apprenticeship program between major oil and gas companies (such as Shell, Quadrant and Woodside) and is run by Programmed. 

The four-year apprenticeship offers a fantastic and unique pathway into the oil and gas industry in either process operator, mechanical fitter or instrumentation electrician roles (dependent on the individual company requirements for that year). 

The first 18 months of the apprenticeship is spent at the ACEPT TAFE campus in Munster, while years three and four are spent on a swing roster to an oil and gas facility such as Quadrant’s Devils Creek Plant in Karratha or Shell’s Prelude Facility off the coast of Broome. Programmed training coordinators work closely with the apprentices, TAFE and the host companies and external organisations to provide full support and guidance throughout the apprenticeship.



Recruitment is open, for a start date in January 2019.

See Sarah for help in applying.