Avoid swooping magpies


Magpies are beautiful and intelligent birds and we have plenty of them on campus. It’s nesting season and magpie parents are very protective of their babies. If they think a human or a dog is going to cause harm they will swoop.

Earlier this year the North Lake magpies swooped staff and students – it can be frightening and dangerous.

Here are some tips for staying safe… on campus or out and about.

Stay alert
If you’re in a likely area keep a look out and stay aware. If you see magpies on the ground or in a tree try to avoid walking too close. They’ll appreciate it.

Protect your eyes
Wear some sunnies or cover your eyes with your hands if it looks like an attack is coming. A hat is a good idea too as is an open umbrella.

Don’t panic
If you get swooped try to stay calm and avoid flapping or yelling – the bird may think you’re being aggressive and keep up its attack. By the way it’s against the law to harm a magpie.

Off ya bike

If you’re riding and a magpie swoops get off your bike. For some reason magpies have a thing against people on bikes.