Coming to grips with exams

Aftermath of the Politics & Law exam and three hours of writing and thinking.


Year 11 and 12 ATAR students completed their semester one exams recently.  Most of us can think of lots of things we’d like to do in preference to exams but they are reality if you’re going down the ATAR path. 

So, what was it like doing up to four three-hour exams? NLSC News asked some Year 12 students about the experience and what they learned about taking exams.

Physics students in action.

I think it’s important not to stress – you can pick up on an anxiety energy of worry before the exam. If you get well prepared you’re better off and that’s a matter of being present in class and doing the work. I like exams, I have a good memory and enjoy getting it all down. Jericho

Having it all in one week was physically difficult. I think it’s best to rest at night during exam week and not to do any study. Haylee

It was pretty tiring and long. My advice would be: don’t cram, relax and take your time during reading time. Hussain

Cramming doesn’t work. It’s best to study steadily for a couple of weeks before the exams and do no study during exam week. I found I studied less and learned more. Daniel

It was stressful but overall doable. There was a great sense of relief at the end. It’s important to prepare a lot – it makes you less worried and more relaxed. I’d also suggest getting a good night’s sleep and drinking plenty of water. Diana

First exam done. Maths Methods and Applications.

It was obviously stressful but not as bad as I thought it would be. I’m glad it was all over in one week – that got it over and done with! I think it’s important to breathe and relax before you go into the exam and to read the questions carefully. Abi

Exam week was stressful and daunting. I found it was a rush to get everything done. My tip is don’t procrastinate while studying just get on with it. Cameron

It was a very stressful time. I started studying two weeks prior and most of my time was spent studying… studying! The exam room made it even more stressful. I think you should talk to your teachers prior to exams, if you can have discussions it helps to comprehend what you’re learning. Courtney.

Year 12 mock exams start on 8 October.

Year 11 semester two exams start on 12 November.