Visual Arts General

In the Visual Arts General course, students engage in traditional, modern and contemporary media and techniques within the broad areas of art forms. The course promotes innovative practice. Students are encouraged to explore and represent their ideas and gain an awareness of the role that artists and designers play in reflecting, challenging and shaping societal values. Students are encouraged to appreciate the work of other artists and engage in their own art practice.

Arts General Course

Music General

The Music General course encourages students to explore a range of musical experiences, developing their musical skills and understanding and creative and expressive potential, through a selected musical context. The course consists of a written component incorporating aural and theory, composing and arranging, investigation and analysis, in addition to a practical component. The Music General course provides opportunities for creative expression, the development of aesthetic appreciation, and understanding and respect for music and music practices across different times, places, cultures and contexts. Studying music may also provide a pathway for further training and employment in a range of professions within the music industry.

Design General Course

Design - Photography

In the Design Genera Photography course students develop skills and processes for current and future photography industry and employment markets. Students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to understand design principles and processes, analyse problems and devise innovative strategies through projects.

Students have access to a fantastic studio and a fantastic range of equipment. Many North Lake students now have careers in the photography industry.

Media Production & Analysis General

The Media Production and Analysis General course aims to prepare students for a future in a digital and interconnected world by providing the skills, knowledge and understandings to tell their own stories and interpret the stories of others. 

Students are encouraged to explore, experiment and interpret their world, reflecting and analysing contemporary life, while understanding that this is done under social, cultural and institutional constraints. Students, as users and creators of media products, consider the important role of audiences and their context. This course focuses on the development of technical skills in the practical process.


Design Graphics

In the Design General Graphics course students develop skills in basic drawing techniques leading to the development of concept art. Students will be challenged to look at graphic design in new and interesting ways.

The Graphic Design course is primarily focused on game development and design. Students have the opportunity to embed their craft into games or console development.

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