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Career and Enterprise General

Career education involves learning to manage and take responsibility for personal career development. The Career and Enterprise General course involves recognising one’s individual skills and talents, and using this understanding to assist in gaining and keeping work. The course develops a range of work skills and an understanding of the nature of work.

Key components of the course include: the development of an understanding of different personality types and their link to career choices; entrepreneurial behaviours; learning to learn; and the exploration of social, cultural and environmental issues that affect work, workplaces and careers.


Geography General

In the Geography General course students learn how to collect information from primary and secondary sources, such as field observation and data collection, mapping, monitoring, remote sensing, case studies and reports.

Geography as a discipline values imagination, creativity and speculation as modes of thought. It develops students’ knowledge about the interconnections between places and explores the spatial patterns and processes related to environments at risk, and to the protection of such environments through management at local, regional and global levels.

Students are able to focus on particular contexts from a choice of photography, graphics, dimensional design and technical graphics. The Design General course also emphasises the scope of design in trade based industries allowing students to maximise vocational pathways.

Psychology General

In the Psychology General course students will be introduced to psychological knowledge which supports an understanding of the way individuals function in groups. Students learn about well-known psychological models and theories, and the methods used to conduct scientific investigations in the discipline of psychology. Acquiring this foundation of scientific method and critical thinking is a valuable skill which students can apply throughout their study, work and everyday lives.


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