Building and Construction General

The Building and Construction General course encompasses the skills and applications of many of the trades and professions in the construction industry. Students have the opportunity to develop and practise skills that contribute to creating a physical environment, while acquiring an understanding of the need for sustainability, and an awareness of community and environmental responsibilities. Students will learn and practise building processes and technologies, including principles of design, planning and management.


Computer Science General

In the Computer Science General Course students are introduced to the fundamental principles, concepts and skills within the field of computing. They learn how to diagnose and solve problems while exploring the building blocks of computing.

Students explore the principles related to the creation of computer and information systems; software development; the connectivity between computers; the management of data; the development of database systems; and the moral and ethical considerations for the use of computer systems. We have a heavy game development focus, and try to combine our computer science course units with our CERT courses and design graphics.

Engineering Studies General

The Engineering Studies General course is essentially a practical course focusing on real-life contexts. Students apply a design process to research and present information about materials, engineering principles, concepts and ideas, and design proposals. Students develop their engineering technology skills in planning and implementing a process to manipulate tools and machines to produce a prototype of their designed solution.


Materials Design and Technology General

The Materials Design and Technology General course is a practical course. Students can choose to work with metal, textiles or wood, with the design and manufacture of products as the major focus. Students have the opportunity to develop and practise skills that contribute to creating a physical product, while acquiring an appreciation of the application of a design process, and an understanding of the need for materials sustainability.

Students will learn and practise manufacturing processes and technologies, including principles of design, planning and management.

Food Science and Technology General

The Food Science and Technology General course provides opportunities for students to explore and develop food-related interests and skills. Food impacts on every aspect of daily life and is essential for maintaining overall health and wellbeing. Students organise, implement and manage production processes in a range of food environments and understand systems that regulate food availability, safety and quality. Knowledge of the sensory, physical, chemical and functional properties of food is applied in practical situations.
Students investigate the food supply chain and value-adding techniques applied to food to meet consumer and producer requirements. Principles of dietary planning, adapting recipes, and processing techniques, are considered for specific nutritional needs of demographic groups. Occupational safety and health requirements, safe food handling practices, and a variety of processing techniques, are implemented to produce safe, quality food products. This course may enhance employability and career opportunities in areas that include nutrition, health, food and beverage manufacturing, food processing, community services, hospitality and retail.


Applied Information Technology General

The Applied Information Technology General course provides students with the knowledge and skills to use a range of computer hardware and software to create, manipulate and communicate information in an effective, responsible and informed manner. Students develop an understanding of computer systems; the management of data; and the use a variety of software applications to investigate, design, construct and evaluate digital products and digital solutions. The course offers pathways to further studies and a range of technology-based careers and a set of skills that equip students for the 21st century and give them an appreciation of the impact of information technology on society.

Applied Information Technology Foundation

A key focus of the Applied Information Technology Foundation course is the development of literacy and numeracy skills within an information and communication technology (ICT) context. This course is for students who have not demonstrated the numeracy standard in the OLNA. The course develops the ability to use ICT in a personal context, including skills that enable the use of a range of digital and multimedia tools to produce personal digital products and digital solutions. It also develops knowledge and skills associated with computer systems, the personal management of data, personal time management, and being responsible, ethical and informed digital citizens.


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