Digital Games & Simulations

North Lake Senior Campus is always breaking new ground. To meet the demands of a new generation, North Lake has been offering a Digital Games and Simulation course that is available to all students from Year 11 upwards.

Some of the things we have done, and what we have used to do them:

Develop an adventure game using Inform7
Isometric pixel art using Pixen
Web site design & development in HTML using SublimeText/Textwrangler
App design using Photoshop, Blueprint (iPad) and a host of other Adobe products
Game Asset design and development using Photoshop
Game coding using Codea (iPad), javascript, Flash etc
Design artwork for our simulators, Photoshop and Illustrator
Design the simulators using AutoCad/Solidworks and a bunch of oher Autodesk products
Build the simulators
Repurpose and recycle older equipment
Build our own controllers to replace the keyboard for specific games (3D printing)
3D print characters created in a 3D modelling environment

The flaming machine

Here is something new and exciting, we have built a Gaming/Production hub (not much production just yet) that will allow our CERT III IDMT students to design and build a game hub (all done, mostly). This will include the installation of game servers, configuring up to 30 machines (sorry, ended up just being 10) to run a linux distribution. We have decided that we also wish to build a dedicated Artemis bridge simulator for some serious gameplay (completed). Students will be required to document everything from design layouts, through to how the cabling will go, how to arrange the equipment, configure the servers, install games and dedicated game server software. Students will have access to the admin side of this group of machines. Fortunately this network will not be part of the regular school network, they will be required to create a stand-alone network. We will create a blog somewhere for you all to follow our progress (this has not happened yet but we will get there).

and more…

The Blue Sim

What is the computer games and simulation course?

This is a one or two year course, with the opportunity to gain valuable industry skills and experience. To get a head start on a degree at University
What you get out of the program?

  • Suitable for males and females
  • Caters for school and mature age students
  • One or two year full time course
  • Curriculum Council certification (WACE)
  • Gain an ATAR

What are the prerequisites?

  • C grade pass in English
  • C grade pass in Maths
  • Successful enrolment and interview with an enrolling officer
  • Interest in working in the digital games, design graphics & simulations industry

Subjects invovled in the program:

First Year

  • General Design Graphics Unit 1 & Unit 2 – required
  • Computer Science Unit 1 & Unit 2 – required
  • CERT III Information, Digital Media and Technology
  • Engineering
  • Art
  • English
  • Mathematics

Second Year

  • General Design Graphics Unit 3 & Unit 4 – required
  • General Applied Information Technology Unit 3 & Unit 4 – required
  • English – 2A/2B or higher
  • Mathematics – 2A/2BMAT or higher

Required subjects are heavily based in gaming, where other North Lake subjects will connect with the required units in some areas.

Student working on Isometric Pixel Art

Acquire experience in Games Design and development, you will experience some of the following:

  • how to write narrative for games.
  • how to implement physics and maths concepts into computer game programming and simulations
  • how to build the box that the game/simulation sits in
  • how to program a chip
  • how to do game art
  • how to advertise and embed movies into games
  • how to be a Computer Show host
  • Learn how to do 2D and 3D art & animations
  • Learn how to program in Javascript, Python, Flash or C
  • Learn how to make serious games

Students successfully completing the course will gain WACE and can use their ATAR score to access TAFE, University courses or enter the workforce.

Are You

  • Considering a career in the Computer Games, Graphic Design and Simulations industry?
  • Committed to experiencing a wide range of employment prospects?
  • Interested in a new course with outstanding possibilities?
  • Looking to go straight into University?

Job opportunities in gaming:

Want to write, play, make/design games, design consoles, be an artist, a reporter for games, a screenwriter, electronics engineer, IT show host, a producer/director or more?

If you would like to know more about this new and exciting study program please contact: +61 08 9314 0444
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