Murdoch Year 12 Uni Entry Safety Net 

Now open for applications

Students are now able to apply directly to Murdoch for 2021.  The link to apply can be found at This link also hosts FAQs.


There is no cost to apply. Students will not be required to apply via TISC, unless they are applying for Veterinary Science, or they are advised to do so after assessing their direct application. Students will only need to apply once to Murdoch. If they change their course preference, there will be instructions in their offer letter on how to do this.


When applying, students will need an electronic copy of their Yr11 end of year subject report (PDF or JPEG is fine) a copy of their school predicted ATAR (if they have one) and a short personal statement as per the following:


I, Full name and WACE ID, am applying for Semester 1 2021 using the Year 12 Uni Entry Safety Net at Murdoch.

I will be applying for consideration based on my Yr 11 ATAR subject results, or a Cert IV, a Portfolio, TLC110, FlexiHigh, or other (select the relevant pathway).

I have/have not achieved a C grade or higher in Year 11 ATAR English (select the appropriate response)

Murdoch will be providing offers on a rolling basis to students as soon as their application has been assessed.

If you want help with this or to discuss whether this pathway may be right for you please contact student services.