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Changing and staying the same by Nguyen Le Hoang Nhu & Mikhaela Lorenzo

Students from IEC classes 3C and 3D got together for a talk about Aboriginal Australians recently. Mr Sean was invited…

2019 Secondary Assistance Scheme

Click on the link below to access the Secondary Assistance Scheme application form for 2019. 2019SASPublicSchoolG-Applicationform.pdf

2019 booklist Year 11&12 and VET


A day to remember

Year 11 student Tayla was invited by Mark McGowan, the premier of Western Australia, to a Remembrance Day event at…

In love with science

  Ruqia, a student in Belinda’s Year 11 Integrated Science class, received good news this week. She has been accepted…

Investigating gravity

For the last four weeks, Belinda’s Year 11 Integrated Science class has been investigating the effects of gravity and air…

Year 11 exams : tips, tea and times

Monday 12 November… 8.50am to 12noon: Maths Applications & Maths Methods. 12.40pm to 3.50pm: Chinese First Language.

Best in sea

SUBS in Schools Technology Challenge   Despite a late start to their project the Great North Lake Sharks won the…

Knitting for hope

Students in the IEC knitting club will use their developing skills to help a very worthy cause. Val’s club has…