OLNA: the latest

OLNA Writing tests will be held next Tuesday 3 March.

Your teachers will be able to tell you whether you need to sit for the test and where and when it will be held.

Group 1: P1 in English 10

Group 2: P1 in Science Lab

Group 3: P2 in English 10

Group 4: P2 in Science Lab

Group 5: P3 in English 10

Group 6: P3 in Science Lab

Group 7: P4 in English 10

 Please make sure you record where and when (if at all) you are scheduled to sit the test.

 If your name is not on the list it means you have sat and passed the writing test. If there is any confusion with the information, please see Dave.

 The P 1 tests occur in a double period. Supervisors will hold the students until all students have completed the test. Please then go straight to your P1 class.

Please click on the link below for all the information you need to know about OLNA.

Information about OLNA