Semester one exams

North Lake Senior Campus

ATAR written examination information

Semester One, 2020

When: 8–12 June 

Where: Gymnasium

What time should I arrive for my examination?

The exam reading time starts at 8:50am for a morning exam and 12:30pm for an afternoon exam. It is good practice to arrive at the examination venue 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

What if the bus, car or train I’m in breaks down and I’m late for an examination?

The best advice is to plan ahead as you will not be admitted after the first 30 minutes of an exam. If you are late you should report to the examination venue no matter how late you are and ask the exam supervisor to note the time of your arrival.

If you are admitted late to an exam, and if you think your lateness has affected your exam performance, please speak to the head of learning area or one of the deputy principals at the end of the exam to determine a fair outcome.

What happens if I misread the examination timetable and miss an examination?

If you miss an exam because you misread your examination timetable, you are not entitled to special consideration. Make a copy of your personal examination timetable and stick it to the fridge. Put the dates into your phone calendar with reminders set. Check it with your friends and then get someone else (like your parents) to check it again. 

What happens if I am unable to sit my examinations?

If you suffer an illness or disability just before the exams, you should telephone a Deputy Principal to determine if special arrangements can be made for you to sit exams. If you injure your writing arm, for example, you could be provided with a scribe. The best strategy in these circumstances is to seek a medical certificate.

What should I take into an examination?

You are responsible for taking the correct equipment into an examination and must take your signed personalised examination timetable, pens, pencils, ruler, eraser and correction fluid. These items should be stored in a clear plastic bag or A4 sized document holder. Approved dictionaries are permitted in all language exams (written), except for English. Approved calculators and/or notes are allowed for some exams. It’s also a good idea to take a clear plastic bottle of water (with the label removed) with a capacity of no more than 1500ml.

What can I do during reading time?

All written exams have 10 minutes of reading time. The purpose of reading time is to give you time to read all of the instructions on the paper, familiarise yourself with the questions and determine which questions you will do. Reading time is for reading only. No marking of the paper is allowed and you are not allowed to use a calculator. Approved dictionaries can be consulted for all language exams in which a dictionary is permitted.

Can I take my mobile phone or iPod into the examination room?

No, and if you do, you will have breached the examination rules and could lose some of your exam marks. This is one of the main reasons students lose marks for breaching examination rules. A complete list of exam rules is available in the Year 12 Information Handbook.

Turn your phone off BEFORE you enter the exam room. Place the switched off phone in your bag and place your bag in the designated holding area, normally at the front or to the side of the exam room.

Can I eat during an examination?

Under normal circumstances, you cannot eat during an exam. This includes lollies, gum and any kind of drink, except for water, which must be in a clear plastic bottle. In special circumstances, for example, if you have diabetes, you may apply to the School Curriculum and Standards Authority for permission to eat during the exam.

Can I leave an examination?

Under normal circumstances, once you have left an examination you cannot return. To minimise disruption, students will not be permitted to leave during the first 60 minutes or last 15 minutes of any examination.

The exam venue

The gymnasium can get cold on cooler days and has no air conditioning. Please make sure you wear appropriate clothing to the exam.

Practical exams

Practical exams take place the week before the written exams. All practical exams are organised by your teacher and their head of learning area. You should make sure that you have received information about your practical exam by the time you receive this information sheet.

Do I have to attend classes that don’t have exams?

If you are enrolled in three or more ATAR courses, you are not required to attend your non-ATAR classes for the duration of the exam week.

If you are enrolled in two, or fewer than two, ATAR courses you must attend school on the days you do not have an exam.

School Contacts

If, for whatever reason, you can’t attend an exam or are running late for an exam, you need to contact the school and advise one the following people below.

Student services manager: Craig Wright 9314-0473

Deputy principal Dave Sharp: 9314-0409

Deputy principal Greg Hartmann: 9314-0406


Semester 1 Exam Timetable Student Version