Student Services

STUDENT SERVICES North Lake Senior Campus has an experienced student support team dedicated to the enhancement of the individual student. The team is committed to working with students to help solve any problems that interfere with learning, whether academic, family, financial, personal or medical.

Student support services team:

Deputy Principal – John Watters

Campus psychologist – Linda Kwok

Community nurse – Manon Spronck

Course & careers advisor –Julianne Simmons

Chaplain – Deborah Regel

Student support services available: University/training and careers advice are available throughout the year in the well resourced Learning Centre. A comprehensive pastoral care program, with each student allocated to a teacher mentor. Academic support and study skills assistance available through individual appointments with expert advisors.

Transition program Each teacher incorporates a transition program into their teaching program for the first four weeks. This aims to ease the transition to NLSC and to the demands of studying Year 11 and 12 by addressing the needs of the students new to the campus.

Campus psychologist – Works with the campus community to support students and optimise their learning outcomes. They can help with problem solving in a wide range of issues such as: social, emotional, family, relationships, barriers to learning, motivation, learning difficulties, stress reduction and low confidence.

Community health nurse – Community health nurses are skilled in assessing adolescent health needs. We engage in health counselling with young people to identify issues, risks and protective factors, provide advice and brief intervention, assist with access and referral to other services, and provide follow up care. You can drop in to the health centre or make appointments to discuss health and wellbeing issues. The services provided are free and confidential. Parents who have a concern about their son or daughter’s health or wellbeing please contact me on 9314 0444.

Course & careers advisor – Specialises in career counselling, further education information and assists students with their subject selections. Available to assist students who may need to discuss problems they are having with their subject choices.

Chaplain – The Chaplain is funded by the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare program.