The Blue Sim

The Blue Sim

Photo 0

The Blue Simulator

This sim was our first attempt, at an almighty cost of $73 we think we did OK.

It was built from available and unused equipment and verge throw-out material.

The costs came from the purchase of 6 tek screws ($8), undercoat ($60) and the game “V8 Supercars 3, Australia” ($5)

We had donations from the Carpet Wharehouse for the carpet used and Turners Aeropaint for the blue paint.

Here are some more details. The sim was developed in a computer classroom, it sat down the back of the room and had bits and pieces done to over a period of time. Once it was all assembled it was then taken down to Design & TEchnology (D&T) to have some welding done and get then painted. The students did a large portion of the project guided by myself and some great help from Mike in D&T. Congrats to the students on a job well done.

We present our

Picture 10

Minimum Viable Product

A Honda Civic Seat (never used) Logitech Wingman donated, dodgy old P4 computer found lying around in the classroom, large-ish desk found at the back of the room and a single student desk. Nothing turned on or plugged in or secured. And if you look carefully there is even a car stereo poking out of the computer. Just an idea which sat like that for almost a year
Picture 12

Well we decided to cut the legs off the desk to get it down to a respectable height, changed the small student desk for a small work table with a sliding shelf to house the keyboard, The tall side bits of plywood were taken from an old science cupboard that was about to be ditched. The monitor was a 17″ we had lying around doing nothing in particular, at this point it still had the stand attached. Some old computer speakers that never ever got used. Still note the car stereo is still there. At this point still nothing attached.

Picture 13

This is the back of it all so far.

Picture 14

Looks like there was a bit of progress between this photo and the last. We made a box for the seat to sit on. Put the computer at the back. Plugged some stuff and turned it on and installed Australian V8 Supercars 3 on the P4.

Picture 15

Even more progress, the base of the desk was surrounded in some plywood we found on a verge throw-out, the wooden flames were draw bottoms also found in a verge throw-out, one of the students cut them out using the band saw in D&T. The speakers were housed from the backing of an old tv also from a verge throw-out, We cut a frame for the monitor so we could remove the monitor stand and this allowed us to put the Tower P4 directly behind the monitor. We secured the monitor to the ply by using seat belt strapping.

Picture 16

One of the students sitting in the sim so we could get the ergonomics right, should have done this a bit earlier but what the hell. We have also started to attach supports for the back of the sim. Notice the curved arches at the bottom right for wheels to be attached.

Picture 17

We got Mike from D&T to weld the wheels onto the desk frame as none of us knew how to do that. Thanks heaps Mike. In this photo you can also see the back of the sim. We had to hardboard backs sliding in to aluminium channels we picked up from the side of the road.

Picture 18

Here is Mike from D&T showing off all the handy work prior to painting. You will see there is a slot cut into the side panel so we could access the rear of the computer, there is another hole on the other side so we cold access the DVD player and the start button. All the flames are now glued on. The wheels look great, taken from an old go-kart from a verge throw-out.

Picture 19

This was the most expensive part of the project. $60 worth of primer.

Picture 20

The blue paint was kindly donated by Peter Turner from Turners Aeropaint at Jandikot Airport.

Note the air-foil on the back kindly built by Mike. Also a clever seat that tips back to reveal a second sub-woofer under the seat to provide a bit more vibration. You may not be able to tell but there are also some Logitech speakers shoved into the headrest of the seat.

Picture 22

Here you can see the back of the machine a bit better. The hardboard sheets slide up to reveal both the computer and below that an LG sub-woofer found on the side of the road.

More photos and stuff to come, we are currently doing a bit of a fix up at the moment, cant find the serial for the game we installed, cant buy a new version as the machine is a bit old, now we have to decide on where to from here.