The Games Room

The games room is an environment to support work placement students looking for placement in the IT industry.

We will be opening the room up in 2016 sometime so students can play during recess and lunch, the room will managed and maintained by the workplace students and will go towards their work placement hours.

We have taken over the old weights room and have set up the following;

  • Artemis – Space Ship Bridge simulator
  • Blue Sim – Australian V8 Supercars
  • Red Sim – Dirt
  • Yellow Sim – H.A.W.X
  • Arcade Machine 1 – Horizontal Jamma Game Board
  • Arcade Machine 2 – Vertical Jamma Game Board
  • 10 Linux Boxes –  running Linux Mint 17.2
  • Patch panel
  • Switch
  • Servers

Latest game design idea:

A 4 person standing game with just a joystick and a couple of buttons for each player. Simple top down games are expected to be developed and played by the students.

We will get the engineering department to build the console and the IT department will build the games and do the install of tech.

Lets get the art department involved and see if they can come up with some wacky/cool designs

The concept art and ideas for a 4 player (standing) console


Here is a bit of a rough sketch to get them started. We could use the Design Graphics students to come up with some interesting game ideas.


Then the computer science students will develop Javascript games to go into the console based on consultation with the art department.

We have decided that we can’t wait for the engineering department, we want to start NOW, so lets make a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) with a cardboard box. Got some buttons in the cupboard and a joystick, will have to order some more. Cut some holes in the box and bingo, our first side done.

This is awesome. Will have to get Mitchell to do the wiring.

IMG_0224Now we have to scratch our heads and decide how we might power this up. Should we use a laptop, Raspberry Pi or a slim computer? It doesn’t have to be powerful, it just needs to play Javascript games

We have decided to call it the Go-Anywhere-in-a-Box-Console. Maybe we could get the English department involved in coming up with a great name, or maybe we could use Business.

The Building of the games room

Below are a series of photos showing the progress in the room


Samson Primary school came down for a day and gave the games room a good run.
The students enjoyed the day and are keen to come back.


Better view of the monitors for Artemisgamesroom.07

Students testing the artemis systemAerial view of the office section
Just a close up view of the bits
Slowly getting some bits together
Big bunch of monitors for the linux boxes
Can see the blue sim in place


A room with a view, can just see the kilns to the rightgamesroom.16

Couldn’t quite get all the chairs in the one spotgamesroom.17

A whole bunch of chairs shoved out of the way

Just a bunch of stuff near the entrance


Well here we have a bit of an empty room.
Got some tables from a donation to the campus.
Students moved them all down to the room and started the process of putting them all together.