WACE tracker


To ensure you are properly equipped to monitor your own progress throughout this year, the campus would like to empower you regarding the WACE tracker. This is a tool that allows you to monitor your progress, ensuring you are on track to achieve the WACE. It incorporates grades, qualifications, attendance and your Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (OLNA) results.  A number of you have already had discussions with members of staff, particularly student services, hence this is just adding another layer so you can do your own ongoing monitoring for the remainder of year. Any teacher within the school can access the WACE tracker should you need an updated copy into the future.

separate individualised OLNA result sheet will be distributed, along with a copy of the WACE tracker within your English class.

Below is a link to a Guide to the WACE tracker which will allow you to understand the different aspects. Please use as a reference for greater understanding of the copy you receive. Student services will be happy to discuss any aspects you need clarifying, once you have done your investigation.

  Understanding WACE Tracker

• Point to note, WACE is ‘lifelong’ hence should you not complete this year, it can be completed into the future.