Work placement: can you help?

North Lake Senior Campus would love to hear from any industries, businesses or workplaces interested in taking on Year 11 or 12 students for work placement.

Students attend the workplace every Friday during the school term and are expected to work 55-110 hours or more during their placement.

Please contact our workplace coordinator Christine Menner via email – or call 9314 0444,

Some details about the course…

Workplace Learning


It is the responsibility of the student to:

• commit to industry-based learning and to cooperate and accept duties in an obliging manner

• contact the workplace before the placement to confirm details such as start and finish time, lunch arrangements and dress requirements

• be respectful, polite and courteous to fellow workers

• meet standards of hygiene, decency and cleanliness and comply with the workplace specified uniform and/or dress standard

• follow workplace rules and protocols

• comply with the workplace’s safe working practices and protocols to maintain their own safety and carry out work in a safe manner

• contact the workplace in reasonable time if they are not able to attend on a particular occasion and advise the school of their non-attendance

• use tools and equipment and digital media in a responsible manner and according to workplace procedures

• complete all logbook requirements at the completion of each day of the work placement.


The workplace supervisor is an adult employee of the host workplace who is acting in a designated supervisory capacity, with responsibility for monitoring the progress of the student while in the workplace. The workplace supervisor is required to:

• oversee completion of the logbook

• verify the number of hours the student works

• verify the tasks completed by the student

• evaluate the student’s workplace performance.


It is the responsibility of the host workplace to:

• nominate a workplace supervisor who will monitor the progress of the student and ensure instruction and supervision occurs at all times

• provide a variety of experiences and activities that develop the core skills for work and offer regular feedback to the student

• contact the school immediately if there are problems or the student fails to attend the workplace when expected

• provide a workplace that is safe and free of bullying, discrimination, harassment or intimidation                                                                                                                          

• advise the student of the workplace’s safe working practices and protocols

• advise the school of any accidents or injuries to the student while in the workplace.