Year 11 exams : tips, tea and times

Monday 12 November…

8.50am to 12noon: Maths Applications & Maths Methods.

12.40pm to 3.50pm: Chinese First Language.

There will be free tea, coffee, biscuits and muesli bars in the meeting room by the canteen for Year 11s sitting ATAR exams this week. It will be open from 8.10am to 8.40am and 12noon to 12.30pm each day.

Exam tip: Arrive early and make sure you have everything you need.

Tuesday 13 November…

8.50am to 12noon: English.

12.40pm to 3.50pm: Biology. Physics.

Exam tip: Read questions carefully.

Wednesday 14 November…

8.50am to 12noon: Chemistry.

12.40pm to 3.50pm: Modern History.

Exam tip: From Gail Kelly, the first female CEO of a major Australian Bank, speaking on ABC TV’s 7.30.“I fell into the trap of over-preparing for exams. I think you can do that. The consequence of over-preparing is that when you actually hit the exam, you can feel a bit stale. You can feel that this is material that I’m really bored with. I’m over this. So I learned as time went on to enter the exam room a little fresher and to try and bring some creativity to it, to read the questions really properly, and think through how could I add something to this that is little different, a little new and start to enjoy the process of the exam itself.”

In 2010 Gail was named the eighth most powerful woman in the world. Beyonce was number nine.

Thursday 15 November…

8.50am to 12noon: Politics & Law. Maths Specialist.

Exam tip: From from eminent Australian writer Thomas Keneally who, speaking on ABC TV’s 7.30, said it was important not to be overawed. “The people who set those papers, go to the loo and wear underpants just like you. They are not Gods – it is a human test and you can face it and deal with it.”

Friday 16 November…

8.50am to 12noon: EALD written.

Exam tip: From Riley Omelczuk, successful North Lake Year 12 student 2013: “When exams are coming put the effort in – do a lots of reading and try to refresh your memory and be prepared. It’s never as hard as you think it will be so be relaxed – at least try to stay relaxed.”