An enduring partnership

The presentation dinner for the 2021 Rotary Club of Booragoon endeavour scholarship winners was held at Dome Deep Water Point on Tuesday 19 October and despite the wild weather the event was a raging success.

  • A great night for students, staff, families & Booragoon Rotary members.

The scholarship recipients are Year 11 North Lake Senior Campus students nominated by staff on the basis of their attributes of character and attitude as well as their commitment to achieve their educational dreams.


This year scholarships were presented to Jessie, Shadlin, Sera and Anas who all gave impressive acceptance speeches. Mairead from Fremantle Fast Track is also a scholarship winner but was unable to attend the dinner.

  • 2021 Rotary Club of Booragoon endeavour scholarship winners (l-r): Shadlin, Anas, Sera and Jessie.

Family and friends of the winners joined North Lake and Rotary members for the gathering held as part of a normal club meeting. Shadlin walked away as a double winner after she was the last player standing after a game of heads and tails.

  • Shadlin addresses the gathering.

There have now been 18 endeavour scholarship presentations to North Lake students in what has become an enduring and powerful partnership. Part of the tradition for scholarship winners is the presentation of wooden frogs that can be made to make an authentic frog sound.


The frogs that Booragoon Rotary presents as a thank you gift for speakers come from the Borderless Friendship Foundation, which supports several hundred hill tribe children living in remote areas of Northern Thailand. The money that Booragoon Rotary pays for the frogs is used to support the work of the Borderless Friendship Foundation.

  • Learning to play a frog.

Club member Peter Best summed up the evening perfectly: “Every year the students and staff amaze us with their energy, spirit and joy. Members of Booragoon Rotary Club are very happy indeed to support these fabulous people. Thank you for sharing this event with us.”