English General

The English General course focuses on consolidating and refining the skills and knowledge needed by students to become competent, confident and engaged users of English in everyday, community, social, further education, training and workplace contexts. The course is designed to provide students with the skills to succeed in a wide range of post-secondary pathways by developing their language, literacy and literary skills. Students comprehend, analyse, interpret, evaluate and create analytical, imaginative, interpretive and persuasive texts in a range of written, oral, multimodal and digital forms.

Literature General

In the Literature General course, students learn to create readings of literary texts and to create their own texts, including essays, poems, short stories, plays and multimodal texts. Students learn to read texts in terms of their cultural, social and historical contexts; their values and attitudes; and their generic conventions and literary techniques. Students learn to create texts paying attention to contexts, values and conventions. Students learn about literary language, narrative, image and the power of representation. Students experience the aesthetic and intellectual pleasure that reading and creating literary texts can bring.


EAL/D (English as an Additional Language or Dialect) General

The EAL/D courses are designed for students who speak another language or dialect as their first or ‘home’ language. EAL/D focuses on development of the competent use of Standard Australian English (SAE) in a range of contexts. The EAL/D General course prepares students for a range of post-secondary destinations in further education, training and the workplace.

EAL/D Foundation

The EAL/D Foundation course is designed for students who speak another language or dialect as their first or ‘home’ language and who have not demonstrated the literacy standard in the OLNA. EAL/D focuses on the mechanics of Standard Australian English (SAE) and its use in the community, the workplace or in further education or training. Practical, relevant tasks delivered through a range of engaging contexts teach students to become effective communicators, code switching between languages or dialects successfully.


What if English isn't my first language?

Our Intensive English Centre (IEC)  assists students new to Australia to prepare for years 11 and 12, training, university and employment.

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