Our Intensive English Centre (IEC) teaches intensive English as an Additional Language/Dialect to eligible students from the year they turn 16 to the year they turn 20 years of age.

The IEC program is a full-time course taught by a team of highly qualified and experienced specialist teachers. Students complete a 12-month full-time EAL/D program in the essential learning areas across the curriculum. A two year long course may be made available to students from disrupted or limited schooling backgrounds.

The aim of the IEC program is to help students to acquire Standard Australian English and the skills and understandings they will need to be successful students in the Western Australian senior schooling system.

Students are taught Standard Australian English in the context of subjects they will study in upper school Years 11 and 12. This means that whilst learning English, students gain a background in Year 11 and 12 subjects. This is particularly important for international students who may have completed a high level of education in their own country but often find it difficult to understand tasks and explain complex ideas in English.


Classes are small in size, with 12 to 16 students in each, to ensure they benefit from one-to-one assistance catering to their individual learning needs and interests.

Modern technologies including computers, projectors, Interactive Whiteboards and iPads are used to enhance student learning.  Computers are readily available to students when they need them. Students are strongly encouraged to practise their English at school and at home, and to take responsibility for their own learning.

IEC teachers work with students in a caring and supportive environment where individual cultures are respected and nurtured.

A full range of student support services is available for students in the IEC. Multilingual education assistants facilitate students with their understanding and completion of tasks using their home or first language. They also help students with cultural understanding and dealing with problems they may face settling in a new country.

If students move on to Years 11 and 12, they will continue to be supported by a specialist language teacher who works closely with the subject teacher to ensure students have a full understanding of what is required of them.


Club activities are run by the IEC every Friday. Students can participate in a variety of interests including art, computing, photography, soccer, volleyball, basketball and cooking. Each club runs on a five-week cycle to allow students to experience a number of different activities.

Louie's Story

“When I arrived in Australia from China my English wasn’t good I couldn’t find a school. I was sad because the opportunity to study means everything to me. After a long time of searching I found North Lake Senior Campus. Because North Lake gave me an opportunity I worked hard to prove I was a good student.

After spending time in the Intensive English Centre and I felt more confident. I had nice teachers who helped me and I want to thank all the teachers here.”

Louie   NLSC Dux 2013, ATAR 99.3, BA Science (UWA)

If you’d like to make an enquiry, contact our IEC Coordinator.