First farewell

While the valedictory marked the last time all together for the Year 12s their last day at school was marked by a less formal celebration on campus.

There was food and music, exchanges of autographs and messages, a valedictory rehearsal and lots of silly awards. These included…


Conor: Future UFC promotor/founder of the next Irish political party award.

Somaia: Miss Giggle

Lilli: Peace out

Kahina: Buy me another alarm clock

John: Most chill

Yassin: Future Lebron

Esther: Megaphone

Jess: Crazy horse

Carlo: Master chef

Patrik: Teddy bear

Dylan: Long locks

Mubarika: Most amazing manners

And old-timer Lochlan received the Billy Madison award. There may have been more but we couldn’t keep up.


Megaphone award winner Esther was the obvious choice to cut the cake.

Thanks to all. And don’t tell the Year 12s but we’ll miss them.