Khan Sisters

After spending their primary and early high school years in Karratha, the Khan family moved to Texas in the US for their dad’s work. After studying for several years there, they moved to Australia to pursue further education. After arriving in Western Australia, Ayesha soon realised the incredible options available to her as a post compulsory student.

‘’North Lake Senior Campus was a logical choice as I was too old to attend my local school’’ says Ayesha. ‘’This in turn paved the way for Fareeha to join myself into the Year 11 ATAR program. We both enjoyed being around motivated ATAR students and the relaxed nature of the campus’’

’The teachers were highly supportive and able to guide me to bring the best out of me. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the environment that North Lake Senior Campus provided ‘’ says Fareeha.


The sisters performed exceptionally well throughout their time at North Lake Senior Campus. Fareeha won the 2020 ATAR Dux for North Lake Senior Campus and Ayesha scored an ATAR of 98.85. Both girls secured places into Medicine at UWA in 2021 and are studying together, the Bachelor of Integrated Medicine and Clinical Practice (Major). This articulates into the Post Graduate Dr of Medicine (MD) to become qualified. Both girls at this early stage of their studies are still exploring options but have aspirations to go into obstetrics as their specialisation.

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