Student Services

School is more than study. Sometimes things pop-up that present challenges – normally at the time you least expect or need it. Our Student Services Team is here to help.

Need to talk to someone in confidence? Need to bounce ideas off a friendly listener? Or maybe you need study advice, help to design a study program or careers advice? Our team cares. The Student Services Team coordinates the pastoral services right across the campus. The team has a manager, a psychologist, two year coordinators, an enrolment officer, a multicultural support officer, a nurse and a Youthcare chaplain. Our Youthcare chaplain provides social, emotional and spiritual support to the school community. They are a listening ear and a caring presence in the school, available for all students, staff and families.

The Student Services team arrange events on campus, guest speakers, and work with your teachers to monitor your attendance, progress and well-being. The team is located in the Library. Pop in and say hello. They’d be happy to meet you.


Armanda Di Toro

Armanda is our Student Services Manager. She oversees the student services team across the entire campus and, with her team, helps our students to navigate their schooling pathways. Armanda coordinates and delivers a broad range of support and advice to students, staff and parents on matters including course and pathway counselling, student health and well-being, behaviour management and liaison with agency and community support services.

With an emphasis on the health and wellbeing of students, parents and guardians are encouraged to contact Armanda should they have any concerns regarding their child’s progress or wellbeing.


Claire Meiklejohn

Claire is our Learning Support Coordinator. She works closely with students, teachers and parents along with community support and access agencies on a range of matters that focus on supporting all students to be successful learners. This includes, among other things, making sure that students with special learning provisions are catered for. Claire also supports student advocacy and assists other team members to monitor student engagement, behaviour and achievement.



Deborah Regel

Deborah's role as Chaplain is to provide the school community with pastoral care. She is concerned with the holistic care of individuals and focuses on the connections between emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing.

Our Chaplain provides a safe space to discuss concerns around family, relationships, coping strategies, grief and loss, and questions about the meaning of life. Conversations are confidential.

Deborah is also the Multicultural Futures Youth Settlement Worker and provides support to students in their first five years living in Australia. She provides help in areas including: Centrelink, Transperth, transport, housing, sports and clubs, volunteering and job searching. She also can assist in finding a doctor, dentist or counsellor.


Taryn Hammond

Taryn is our Student Support Officer and is located in the Student Services Hub. If you need to report an absence or early departure from campus, you can ring Taryn and leave a voicemail on 9314 0471 or send her an email at NorthLake.SC.StudentServices@education.wa.edu.au or SMS: 0409 089 499.

Taryn also helps students book appointments for the Wellness Centre should they need to see the School Psychologist, Chaplain or Nurse.


Mel Rodrigues

Mel is our Community Health Nurse and provides advice and support to students about accessing health care and information on a range of matters including healthy eating and nutrition, sexual health, coping with illness, stress or unhappiness.


Michelle Elsey

Michelle is our Student Support Officer. She works collaboratively with the Student Service team to provide support to students in a range of settings and encourage positive engagement and achievement. She aims to nurture the emotional, physical and academic wellbeing of all students. Michelle can assist students to access the resources needed to develop their skills and enable them to follow their desired pathway.

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