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Smiling in harmony

North Lake is famous for its Harmony Day celebrations and the smiling faces of campus on Tuesday 16 March showed we’d done it again. Congratulations to the main organisers Sean, Dean, Sarah (and the Hospitality students) and Anita as well as everyone else who helped make for an enjoyable day. The musical performances from the…

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All in perfect harmony

North Lake Harmony Week celebrations are legendary and with about 50 different cultural groups represented among our staff and students there’s lots to celebrate.

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Harmony for everyone

    North Lake Harmony Day concerts have been a campus and community highlight for years. The 2018 event was kicked of by Italian didgeridoo player Fiorino Fiorini and featured all the elements we associate with Harmony Day at North Lake where, within our staff and student group, we have people from almost 50 different…

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