The signs are everywhere

The Year 11 Foundation Career & Enterprise students participated in a mini-tour around the school investigating safety precautions and signage located inside classrooms and outside in shared locations.

The students recorded each sign, identifying it according to the signage classification as either mandatory, prohibited, warning or safe condition.  Students also discussed any related PPE required in classrooms and worn by active members of staff and students.

We were lucky enough to see Fiona while performing her duties of COVID cleaning wearing her PPE and discussed the reason for the selection of each of the PPE, clothing and footwear required for her job.

The students enjoyed reading and interpreting the signs in the context of each location within North Lake.

Some comments from students include:

“I enjoyed learning in a different way” Nat

“I enjoyed walking around the school with other students and I’ve learnt some signs I wasn’t familiar with, so it was interesting for me.” Bruna

“I learnt how to distinguish the different signs.”  Darlian

“I learnt how to carefully read the signs.”  Alem