An artistic transformation

Urban artist Dan Dugan.

Students who have recently completed the Certificate II in Visual Art have been involved in a public art project with urban artist Dan Duggan. 

Dan Duggan is a graffiti artist from Perth who specialises in teaching graffiti art techniques in urban art workshops for young people from a diverse range of backgrounds. He’s very skilled at engaging students in a practical way that breaks down the essential skills of planning and producing a large artwork as well as supporting students in their collaborative approach to creating art. 

Students involved in this project with Dan will continue on with Certificate III in Visual Art. They have gained industry experience through working with an artist. This has given students some exposure to the way and artist operates a small business.

The subject matter of the artwork came from students working together then using an electronic drawing pad to layer their ideas into a design concept. In using this technique students gained insight into the design process.

Well done to Vi, Marlon, Felix, Karen Rose, Nikita, Khendrick and Eve whose work is now an attractive part of the North Lake environment.