Classroom awards by Carlo Diel (IEC 3.1)

Last month, we talked about the qualities and attributes of a ‘good person’, in our jobs and career class. Our teacher explained what to do and we quietly listened to her explanation.

To begin with we brainstormed and all of us shared our appropriate ideas with our teacher Judy. It was pretty amazing because, every one of us had good ideas to share. But, unfortunately we ran out of time.

The next week, we continued the lesson. This time, our teacher got a sheet of paper with all the ideas we had come up with written on it. Afterwards, we voted on the most essential attributes of a good person.

We divided into three groups. We voted and the qualities most organised, sociable and respectful won. In the three groups, we had to write questions and use them for a survey of the class to find out who was the most organised, the most sociable and the most respectful.

On blank papers we wrote the name of all students in the class. On the top of the paper were the names of the students and on the left-hand side of the paper underneath the names were the questions.

The next thing to do was to conduct a survey of the class. We sat at the table separately, and we started to call the students one-by-one. and choose one person with the best answers if two people had the same answer, we had to make another question and ask every one again. Finally we designed a certificate for the students who won the survey on the computer.

Finally, when it was all done and correct, the name of the winner was entered onto each certificate by each group and saved onto a USB for printing and lamination. Only the group members could see the name of the winner and no one else, not even the teacher was able to see the name of the winner!

 The group members can’t win their own certificate and had to keep their secret until the end of the semester.