Ever Active Ellie

At the 2018 North Lake Senior Campus valedictory Ellie was presented the active citizen award by the Member for Fremantle Josh Wilson. Active citizen was the perfect description of Ellie as a member of the campus community.

He played a vital role in all major school events – always the first to arrive and the last to leave. His skills behind the mixing desk and as a musician along with his willingness help set up and pack up made him invaluable. 

Ellie could always be counted upon to support all members of our campus and wider community – he was actively involved as a member of the student council and as the student representative for the school council.

During his time at North Lake he showed immense empathy for others and was always there to lend support and encouragement. In addition he volunteered in community theatre and in coordination of Live Action Role Playing events.

This year Ellie is working as a gardener and volunteering in all sorts of music and theatre ventures.