Growing with North Lake

Yama performing at a Harmony Day concert.

When he arrived at North Lake from Afghanistan in 2008 Yama Ahmadyar spoke very little English. He was placed in IEC 3 and his new life began. “I quickly improved my English language skills and was able to complete IEC in about eight months,” Yama told NLSC News, “I graduated from IEC 7 in mid 2009 and enrolled in Year 11.”

A Rotary Club of Booragoon endeavour scholarship winner in 2010.

In 2010 Yama gained a Rotary Club of Booragoon endeavour scholarship. “Getting that award made me very happy and at the same time emotional,” Yama recalled. “I had never been given any prize before.” As well as doing the best he could with his Year 11 and 12 studies – and he admits he wasn’t very good at some of his units – Yama worked part-time with CentreCare and Communicare and it was this work that gave him a vision for the future.

After his Year 12 graduation Yama went to TAFE to work on a Cert lV and then a Diploma in Community Services. “While I was enrolled at TAFE I was offered a position as a caseworker at the Australian Red Cross and I have now been working with Red Cross for six years. I have had other casual jobs, just to save for the future, mainly working with migrants.”

Yama is now studying part-time at ECU working towards a Bachelor or Arts (Psychology) with a minor in Children and Family Support: “Nothing can make me more happy than helping children and families in need of assistance.” In 2013 Yama married and he and his wife have two children of their own – a boy and a girl.

“Basically all I really want to say is that where I am now is because of how I was trained at North Lake. There were many great teachers and fantastic teacher assistants working hard to make sure all students’ needs were met in time and appropriately,” Yama said. “Because I was raised in a war torn country I sometimes found it difficult to trust people when raising an issue but there were teachers at North Lake I felt comfortable disclosing my concerns with.

“Best of luck and and take extra care of yourselves. North Lake Senior Campus, you are the most joyful part of my memories and the start point of my growth. I love you forever.”