Last chance Red Line Cafe

Thursdays have been enhanced for most of term two and three by the Red Line Cafe.

A major part of the work from Year 12 Hospitality students, the cafe provides experience in cooking, service, marketing, billing and making coffee, tea and other beverages – almost all of the factors involved in running a real cafe.

Students also take orders over the phone and deliver food and drinks to classrooms and offices. Many staff members use Red Line Cafe for meetings and students have enjoyed getting together a table of friends at recess.

This year was particularly challenging as the students needed to deal with Covid-19 restrictions just like every other cafe in WA.

Thursday 27 August will be the last Red Line Cafe day for 2020 but look out for other tasty offerings from North Lake’s Hospitality and Food Science students.

What the customers have said…

Very nice experience and friendly service.

Thanks for the your friendly serve. Love the Red Line Cafe.

Shion looked after our table expertly.

Lovely environment and welcoming cafe.

Tasty sausage roll. Lovely pot of tea. Fine service from Janeth.

Love coming to Red Line.

Excellent service.

I love Red Line Cafe. Efficient and friendly service from Min.

Very enjoyable. Great service, food and coffee.

More spinach rolls please, they are wonderful.

Love coming down here and would recommend more people coming.

The greeting and service I received from Ice was very professional.

Red Line on Thursday is my favourite day of the week.