Mindful business


The Certificate ll in Business students have experienced a class that was out of the ordinary. In fact it took them out of their comfort zone into something very comfortable.

As part of the unit of competency Stress in the Workplace the students explored strategies for managing personal stress in the workplace. This unit is ultimately about achieving a work-life balance.

They found out that our art teacher Nadia is also yoga instructor and enjoyed a class with her. And that wasn’t all – campus psychologist Linda conducted a mindful self-compassion practice with the students. It had three parts – mindful understanding of stress/struggle, understanding common experience and self-compassion/kindness. 

This might have been the most important part of their Cert studies. By the way this class was so relaxed we decided to illustrate our story with an oil painting of the yoga class rather than a photograph.

Note: The BSB20115 Cert ll Business Services is conducted at North Lake Senior Campus in partnership with Australian YMCA Institute of Education and Training RTO Code 3979.