Occupied by drawing

Tof was keen drawer as a child but things changed when he entered his teens. “I thought I wasn’t very talented and just stopped,” the Year 12 student told NLSC News.

He started drawing again when he was in the IEC and decided to make a book – a book without words. A graphic novel. “With me the story comes first and then for the characters I repeatedly test out images to see what I want to make. I drew as I thought of something.”

Tof had a slight dilemma when it came to giving his book a title. “Considering the whole point was to make something without words…” Tof said in explaining the title of his book – a smile. “A smile is universal.”

Despite his talent Tof wants his art to remain a hobby. “I want it to be something to enjoy – not to be drowned by deadlines.

“When I’m drawing I get a feeling of being occupied. Not bored. Not overly excited. It’s something I can consistently do and not get tired of.”