Real virtual reality 


A visit from Weld Australia provided North Lake students with an amazing welding opportunity in week six.


Students were able to try welding without sparks or heat using the Soldamatic welding simulator, a virtual reality machine used to train welders. While the welders could see what they were doing on a screen inside the welding helmet, their classmates could track their progress on a big screen. At the completion of the weld a score of 100 was awarded based on various criteria including accuracy, speed, angle and height.

A number of students scored over 90 at their first attempt impressing our instructor Mehdi from Weld Australia.

Adrian: “My father is a welder but this was the first time I’d tried, he’s never shown he how. It was exciting and an amazing experience. Now I want to be a welder too.”

Chris: “It was very interesting – I never knew about this and I learned a lot. It was awesome.”


The virtual welder experience was a School Pathways Program initiative. 

Industrial Studies teacher Mike said the welder showed how virtual reality can used to learn a difficult technique.

“Trying a trade is usually dangerous and needs a lot of preparation,” he said, “This machine made welding more accessible to our students.

“It’s an example of where virtual reality machines are going to be used more and more in industry and education as they allow for trying a trade without the expense and danger.”


For more information click on the link below……/soldamatic-augmented-training/