Smiling in harmony

North Lake is famous for its Harmony Day celebrations and the smiling faces of campus on Tuesday 16 March showed we’d done it again.

Congratulations to the main organisers Sean, Dean, Sarah (and the Hospitality students) and Anita as well as everyone else who helped make for an enjoyable day. The musical performances from the Thai Choir, the duo Patrick & Paula and the band – let’s for now call them The Lost Souls.

The day began with a moving Welcome to Country from Olman Walley who is both an accomplished storyteller and amazing didgeridoo player.

And then there was dancing. Thank you to Gagandeep for her stunning solo spot and to the impromptu performers including Sarah, Armanda, Loliyong and Eshter.

The best dressed awards for the 2021 Harmony Day celebration were presented to Viliy and Elizabeth.