An assembly was held today to recognise the amazing progress made by students in limited schooling and beginner classes of the IEC. Awards were presented and we were entertained by the IEC music group.

IEC awards

Citizenship: Esa Mahamed

Endeavour: Baraa Alibrahim

Endeavour: Imran Ali

Subject awards

Limited Schooling/Beginner level

• English 1.1: Senait Legesse

• English 1.2: Kiflework Legesse

• English2.2: Mei Fung Leony Natasha


Limited Schooling

• Science: Mohamed Shakir

• Maths: Mawahib Arabo

• HASS: Mohamad Al Omar



• Science: Nabthong Worasarn

• Maths: Anas Youseif

• HASS: Mei Fung Leony Natasha


IEC Reading Club award – High Participation

• Senait Legesse

• Kiflework Legesse

• Laila My Ahmed

• Esa Mohamed


100% attendance awards

• Meneya Asbo

• Kanthika Chanthong

• Drix Dela Cruz

• Kajansika Krishnamoorthy

• Tawanrat Tanatjitwara

• Enseo Park

• Shihan Shi