Exploring leadership

Wednesday 4 December marked the end of classes for North Lake in 2019 with IEC students following Year 11s and 12s into the summer break and its promise of fun, relaxation, travel and work!

But one group of aspiring leaders were back on campus on Thursday for a half day interactive workshop exploring leadership. Tamkin and Hadi from MYANWA/ YACWA were the facilitators and the event was supported by the Department of Social Services – Home Affairs.

Congratulations to Amina Alizada, Kaleab Awedow, Merhawit Awedow, Mohamed Esa, Patrick Atienza, Michael Ngin Deih Tung, Hellen Mouawad, Marah Veron Agudelo, Gabriel Paul Lam Chin, Aditya Prabowo, Mariama Janneh, Sarah Malema and Day (Eh Shee Gay) who brought considerable wisdom to topics such as:

• How our own personal values form the foundation of our leadership

• How leadership – action for positive change – is personal

• Working together as a team towards a common goal as well as practicing turning leadership values into action

• Strategies to enact leadership and explore the added difficulties of enacting leadership in times of challenge.