Who We Are

Our mission is to build life-long, resilient learners who approach the future with a sense of confidence and purpose.

Our safe and well resourced campus and flexible range of courses and programs, help you to make a smooth transition towards the future you want. So let’s say you want to complete a rounded secondary schooling that will earn you a WACE and prepare you for the world of work. Or you want to complete a course that will help you achieve a competitive ATAR. North Lake has a proven track record in both areas with a long list of successful, happy and accomplished graduates. If you’re looking for a nationally accredited VET qualification to open doors to further training, an apprenticeship or job, North Lake sets you up to tick the boxes.

If you’re new to Australia and need to learn English before embarking on further studies, our Intensive English Centre provides the perfect environment to gain those skills. Our Fremantle Fast Track is maybe for you who just want to get back into the learning zone. If any of these futures sounds like you, North Lake offers a flexible learning program that can set you on a trajectory to greater learning. It's what we’re all about. We nurture the potential and individual in you. Join us. Become a future maker.

A learning environment that’s just a bit more ‘grown up’.

Our campus looks more like a university or TAFE college than it does a senior high school. We have a well resourced library that’s a great place to study or chill. Our cafe is a popular place to grab a bite to eat and to catch up with friends.

All our classrooms are well equipped and are comfortable places to learn. At times, our grounds are places for sports and games, concerts, dancing and artwork. All up, you’ll find the style of our facilities will help you to make your learning experience that little bit more ‘grown up’.

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Who We Are

We treat you as an individual, with the potential to do great things.

Our Values

Belief and Values Statemnt


We are a community that strives to provide a safe, inclusive, peaceful and sustainable learning environment where you are supported to flourish. We consulted with teachers, students and parents, to develop expectation statements that describe the responsibilities we have of our students, our teachers and staff.

As a member of our campus, we have an expectation that all our students, teachers and staff actively commit to and respect our values and expectation statements. A key part of this commitment is to do your best to fulfill your responsibilities.


Although we’re serious about what we do, you’ll find us to be down-to-earth, pragmatic, supportive and approachable.

We understand that we are all different. This is why we prefer to work collaboratively with you. We want to empower you to attain your educational goals. We’ve had some pretty great things said about us by students, so we know we’re onto something good.

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About NLSC

Partnership is at the core of our approach

We are grateful for the wonderful partnerships we enjoy with organisations that engage with us to help provide a high level of service. We love to collaborate, and build on our relationships with the community. If your organisation would like to learn more about what we do and join us to develop, please contact us through the link below.


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