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North Lake education is flexible education. We're experts in helping you create the right learning pathway for the future you want.

General Study Pathways

Heading to further training or want to study at TAFE? Keen to graduate from secondary school and achieve a WACE? Have a specific field of interest but don’t want to do the university thing? Not sure about what you want to do other than to keep your options open?

If you’re in one of these situations, we get where you’re at. Our General Pathways are designed to make sure you leave North Lake with a comprehensive education.

If you want to learn more about our general study pathways, why not touch base with our enrolment officer? You can also learn more about the content of courses and programs in the link below.

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Study at University

Our ATAR program has a long history of helping students make successful transitions to university life. If university is your aim, and you’re serious about putting in the hard yards, then we can help you get there.

Our ATAR teachers know their stuff. A couple have some textbooks under their belt; some have helped develop the curriculum; others are WACE exam markers. If you’re ready and serious about achieving at the highest level, you couldn’t be in safer hands.

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Learn English

Our Intensive English Centre (IEC) caters for students aged 16-20 who are new to Australia and want to learn Standard Australian English. We have a group of experienced and caring teaching specialists who deliver targeted programs that prepare you to successfully engage in senior secondary school.
The program helps prepare you for your destination – be it completion of Years 11 and 12, employment, training or university studies.

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Study at TAFE

A program of study completed in our General Studies Mainstream Program will qualify you to obtain a Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE).

Our General courses are arranged into pathways. This means that as well as graduating from secondary school at the end of Year 12, you also leave with at least one VET qualification, making you a competitive candidate for further study at TAFE.

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Returning to School

Out of the loop? Didn’t finish school? Want to re-engage with learning? North Lake has the programs and the specialist teachers to make your return positive and engaging.

Fremantle Fast Track is an offsite Senior School Engagement Program currently based in the heart of Fremantle. If you want an opportunity to complete your secondary education, or if you want to fill any gaps in your schooling to be do more study or training, Fremantle Fast Track could be right for you.

Our dedicated team of experienced teachers provide flexible and supportive learning environments for you to flourish. They deliver learning that caters for your individual needs, making Fremantle Fast Track a positive and safe way to get the ball rolling again.

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Not sure which pathway is right for you?

Don’t worry. The clarity you’re after may be just be a friendly chat away. We have heaps of experience in helping aspiring students pin point which study pathway best suits their goals.

If you’d like some professional advice from an informed perspective, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll work it out together.

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