Ball skills

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to ensure a campus ball is as successful as the one North Lake enjoyed at the end of term two.

The student council was very active in working with students to come up with the concept and fund raising to keep the costs down. Rotary and our chaplain Deb also helped to keep a financial lid on things. Stage Studio Productions ensured we could have professional sound at a reduced cost. And, of course, staging the ball at the great venue like East Fremantle Sailing Club certainly helped.

Memories are an important part of a ball and that’s where the photographers play a vital role. Cert ll Creative Industries students Liz and Michael received a late call-up to do the job when our staff photographers couldn’t make it. Their photography teacher Mike gave them a quick tutorial on setting up the lights and backdrop and they were ready for action.

Our photography team Michael & Liz.

A technical issue on the night threatened to cause major heartache but luckily former student and odd jobs person Ellie was on hand to save the day.

So while everyone else was having fun Liz and Michael worked. “I was a really good experience,” Liz said, “We had to put up the lights without the teacher there, we had to create an environment and then we had to deliver.

“We took it in turns and used the skills we’d learned from Mike in class like the rule of thirds for composition. The kids were having fun and I just went click, click, click.”

Michael also enjoyed the high-pressure experience. “It challenged me a lot,” he said, “It was make or break and that really helped improve my skills. I really enjoyed directing the photographs. And the food was good too.”

Congratulations to everyone involved in helping and attending. The whole thing wouldn’t happen without Dean, so make sure you say thanks if you see him running past.

The photos are available on the shared drive at Get Work…



NOTE: CUA 20215 – Certificate ll in Creative Industries – Film and Design is offered by North Lake Senior Campus in partnership with Mount Pleasant College RTO Code 52297.