A thirst for work

As a Year 11 Industrial Studies student in 2017 James found out he needed a white card to get the kind of work placement he wanted. Finding the money for a white a card was a problem so James decided to make use of the skills he’d developed and started a little business making timber chopping boards. The beautifully made boards were very popular and James soon had a white card.

It’s no surprise that this enterprising young man has found his way into the workforce and an apprenticeship as bricklayer.

“We construct big buildings on massive sites,” James said on a recent visit to North Lake. “There are a lot of people involved – chippies (carpenters), roofers and others. Bricklaying is hard work, I’ve seen some people give up but I think it’s really good.”

James said he’d recommend North Lake to anybody, “It’s a really good school. I learned English at the IEC but North Lake does more than just that. It helps teach how Australia works and how to catch up with Australian culture.”

After working on lots of construction sites James is well qualified to offer advice to North Lake students moving out into the workforce. “I think you just need to be confident. If you see a job you like just go for it. A job is out there. It’s up to you.”