A sculptor of our own

Earlier this year IEC students visited Sculptures by the Sea at Cottesloe Beach. One of the artists Miik Green worked with students as artist in residency at North Lake during second term. Miik’s piece at Sculptures by the Sea was titled Thicket 018.

This project Miik and students worked on had its beginnings in a series of timed drawings that commence with a 30 second rendition of a simple object. The object was then drawn again and students were given a longer time.

Students then went onto creating a sculpture using sponge and wire. The material used in the project was sourced from a resource rescue supply shop. After creating the armature for the sculpture students then used plaster bandage to create a smooth surface over the top. They then went on to considering colour and further surface treatment.

An exhibition of work produced during Miik’s residency will open in the library on Tuesday 2 July.