All fun and footy

The North Lake IEC Australian football teams enjoyed their trip to Cyril Jackson Senior Campus recently.

After a few weeks of coaching from Regan from South Fremantle Football Club along with Sean, John, Michael and Gigi the players were ready to jump on the bus and head out for a real game.

In the women’s game North Lake players had no problems getting hold of the ball but some had trouble remembering what to do with it. There were lots of tackles, packs and smiles.

The men’s game was fast and highlighted by some great long kicks. Cyril Jackson won both games.

Mehrawit and Senait loved getting into the thick of the action and won the best player awards in the first game. Mohamed Esa, who stopped lots of CJ attacks, and Hsar, who was brave and fast, were the best players in the second game.

Thanks to everyone at CJ and to Christian from Swan Districts Football Club who helped Regan umpire the games.