Be paid to have your say! Peer Research Project

North Lake Senior Campus is in the City of Melville local government area.

Do you feel passionate about making changes for youth? This may be about disability, youth small business or employment opportunities, subsidised access to sporting and social clubs, subsidised driver training, homelessness, mental health, the list goes on…

The Youth Affairs Council of WA (YACWA) is working with the City of Melville on developing their new Youth Strategy and they are delivering a peer research approach.

They have just opened up the recruitment for eight young people who we will train to co-design the consultation and then go out and survey their peers. It’s a paid opportunity (up to $600 each). Applications close on Wednesday 2 June.

They are super keen to get a diverse group, so if you are 16 to 25 at the moment and you think might be interested, please contact Student Services or Karen In Multicultural Futures. They are mostly running applications on line – here is the link: City of Melville Peer Researcher

This is all the info on the Melville website – City of Melville Directions for Young People

Don’t just grumble, be the change you want to see!