Looking forward. Looking back

Students in the Year 11 EALD ATAR class shared an interesting experience during a recent class. They held a question and answer discussion with two volunteers focused on their current study topic – ageing population and the opportunities it presents for young people.

Here are two student reactions to the event…

On Tuesday we hosted Annette and Michael. It was a really valuable visit as we got to interact with people of our previous generations. They shared their life experiences and their memories from their childhood as well as their current experiences, both bitter and sweet, since they have begun a new chapter in their life, as they leave behind their middle age. 

Their experiences and specifically the difficulties that they’re facing in this period of time of their lives, helped us learn about the opportunities that are provided by an ageing population for the young community.

We learned as people grow old their needs grow too and meeting their needs means an opportunity for the young people, in terms of employment, technology and even volunteering work. (Shadlin)

The interview went very well, they were more friendly and interesting than I expected. Both of them answered our questions very well, and I believe that the class in general improved as a result of the interviewers.

Of all the information and experiences they shared with the class, nothing surprised me very much, but one thing that Michael said that made me reflect a little, was that he said he prefers some things in life like now. I always imagine myself looking back and not wanting to regret the things I did, but sometimes I don’t think I will do that.

I hope to be able to get to his age and feel good about what I did and not prefer to go back in the past. (Luca)