By teaching we learn

In semester two some IEC students will transition into Year 11 and it’s important they know what they’re moving into. Students have been visiting Year 11 and 12 classes in all learning areas to help them make decisions about courses suitable to their strengths and interests.

On Wednesday 22 May IEC 3.1 and 3.2 stepped into the Year 12 Design Graphics class to find out about the mysterious world of computer science, gaming, animation, drawing with computers and the other things that go with Craig in C2. The IEC students got more than they expected.

The Design students greeted their guests warmly with Tyler and Zahra drawing particularly big crowds around their work stations as they talked about their courses.

Later they explained the experience of going from student to teacher…


I was full of hesitation and didn’t really know where to start. But after that rough patch I began to clearly explain things. It was good when people asked questions. I spoke about graphic design, E-sports, because I overheard one of the IEC students talking about it, and computer science. On my screen I tried to simply show and explain what was going on. Doing this made me realise it’s good to ask questions – the answer may give up more questions but it will also solve multiple things.


The first thing they asked about was certificate classes and I told them about business, art and IT – I think business is the easiest certificate course because you just get on and do your own work. Then we talked about Design Graphics – I said if you choose graphics it can be hard at first but the teacher and videos are helpful – and as time passes you become more comfortable. The project we’re doing now is about piracy – music, clothing, movies and I chose software piracy. I showed the students the promotional poster I am making and explained about using the right colours and words to get the attention of the audience. Also some people don’t realise what they are doing is piracy so you must make them aware. I enjoyed telling the IEC students about my work.

There is a Latin proverb docendo discimus – by teaching we learn. Some Design Graphics students may have realised that after the visit from IEC 3.1 and 3.2.