Red Line fever

The Red Line Cafe was a welcome addition to North Lake late in tern one and early term two. The cafe gave the Hospitality students the chance to create and serve non-alcoholic drinks along with sweet and savoury snacks in a real cafe setting.

The menu included hot and cool drinks including plunger coffee, pots of tea, mocktails, juices and smoothies while patrons could also enjoy muffins, slices and other tasty items. The Red Line Cafe looked after dine-in and take-away paying customers from 10.30am to 11.30am every Thursday.

Comments from visitors included…

“This was a lovely morning tea. Well done everyone for an epic effort. Thanks for the wonderful service.”

“Great job of food and service at Red Line Cafe today. Thanks so much.”

There is good news on the horizon with the popular, but different, Coffee Shop returning later in term two. The Coffee Shop serves espresso coffee and other temptations.