Launching 2023 in style

The new year at North Lake Senior Campus began with a series of orientation activities to enable students to get to know each other and the campus.

Student Wellness Coordinator Armanda Di Toro reminded students that North Lake is different – it’s small, it’s quiet and it’s calm (mostly).

Principal Gary Anderson said the staff were all here to help and reiterated the campus values of Care, Respect, Empowerment and Flexibility. “North Lake students are successful,” he said, “96% move from here to meaningful destinations.

“We don’t like to have lots of rules or barriers to trip you up. You are young adults, enjoy the change.”

Gary was impressed by the way the students – some from the IEC, some moving from Year 11 to Year 12 at North Lake and some from other learning environments had started the new school year. “The feeling is as good as I’ve felt anywhere, any time. It’s a good vibe,” he said.

The first day also included a meet and greet for parents where Learning Support Coordinator Claire Meiklejohn provided information and answered questions for parents of students here for the first time.

After touring the campus with their mentor teacher students took part in a variety of relationship building activities including table tennis, basketball, bocce, badminton and croquet – does anyone understand that game?

Well done to Craig Wright and the Student Services team who organised the events and looked the part in their bandanas that made them easy to find .