Our UN delegate

Year 12 student David attended the United Nations Youth State Conference at UWA and Camp Wattle Grove in March. The conference is a weekend-long residential conference for Year nine to 12 students run by young people for young people. The 2018 theme was Building Sustainable Futures.

Delegates like David took part in workshops listened to and questioned expert guest speakers and participated in problem solving simulations. In the Sunday general assembly he represented Uganda.

“It was really great to be with young people passionate to make change and to make the world a better place,” David said, “There was lot to learn from public speaking and communication skills to research and sharing.”

David came away from the conference believing there a number of keys to making the world a better place. These include…

  • Welcoming climate change science and acting upon it.
  • Stop using dirty energy.
  • Invest in recyclable materials.
  • Limit the use of plastics.
  • Invest in education.

“Education is the key,” David said, “Every family must have access to good education and we must keep educating for change to happen and for people to participate.”

David was connected to the UN Youth program by North Lake’s multi-cultural/community support officer Karen Hogg.