Seeing Freo

Year 11 students in the NLSC Citizenship Program have been spending a lot of time looking at our port city. Their course covers geography, history and politics and this year focus is on Fremantle. Their major portfolio task will be to design a walk in Fremantle.

Recently the students gathered in the board room of the WA Maritime Museum for an important meeting. Their guest speakers included Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettit and City of Fremantle staff member Kathryn Taylor.

Brad spoke about his career and move into his elected position and gave lots of information about Fremantle.

Kathryn gave run down of Fremantle’s many festivals and of the city’s commitment to the arts.

The students also asked some very good questions.

After the meeting staff and students walking through Fremantle looking at it in a different way after hearing the information they’d been given.

It was a memorable day…

“A happy day. Exciting to meet the mayor.” Diana.

“When we sat round the table it felt like family.” Denisse.

“Fremantle is a lovely, old, historic city.” Suzane.