Sharks ready for underwater action

The NLSC Sharks are looking forward to the SUBS in Schools Technology Challenge featuring teams from all over the state to be held this week on campus.

Team leader Ruqiah, her assistants Masooma and Ziba and engineer Faizullah have spent a lot of their own time with their teacher Belinda to design, build and trial a remotely controlled underwater vehicle (ROV) for the competition. Some of the parts for the ROV motor were created using a 3D printer. In the lead up to the state champions the Sharks have also drawn up plans using CAD, designed a logo and made a team uniform.

Shopping for the team uniform.

A recent trial revealed issues with wiring, movement and buoyancy – the team has been working to improve the ROV. “On one hand we were excited about our project, but on the other hand we faced tiny issues with it,” Faizullah said.

On challenge day each team will set up a booth to promote their project, make an oral presentation to the judges and, most importantly, show off their ROV in the pool.

SUBS In Schools is promoted by the School Pathways Program. The team also received help from Cameron and Nick.